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Only love

You have to go, in my heart there is a bitter feeling, I was afraid of loneliness, fear of loneliness, fear not your care, afraid of some things do not know how to deal with, but how the heart to destroy your mood? Will pretend happy do not care to tell you: go, go, have a look the motherland River mountains, back to me, I will not miss you. But quickly turned around, for fear you see my tears flow.

Together with you in the days long, what thing wants to ask you, pay no heed to ask, pay no heed to the answer, then, there was a background in the heart. Oh, you really made me all things depend on and the spiritual pillar, you not at home the day, I will have no appetite for food; I would be puzzled, I every flexor calculation on your return, what also don't want to do it, don't know what to do ... Oh! Don't know what our emotions have imperceptibly from love up to than affection and deep love. Like father, like brother, like teacher, like friend, encouraged me when I fall; when I was in pain to comfort me; when I am at a loss to give directions; in order to let me in front of people, scenery, oneself also save money on food and expenses to buy me a lot of high-end clothing;

You said that you to eat delicacies, no matter how expensive will let me taste, yes, in order to let me taste the food you have never stint before spending ... . in the eyes of others, I am a real woman, yes, I do feel happy woman taste! You are so subtle depths of caring and considerate, always makes me cry. If my path is open, if my life is full of sunshine, then these are from your selfless love and giving! Thanks for having you in my life with me, because of you, my heart to move, my smile, my life bright. Because of you, my heart is no longer lonely, my life is not boring, my nights are no longer lonely, my heart is no longer helpless.