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Pace miniaturization


Plant lamp synopsis: plant lamp, also said that the plant growth lamp, the plant is mainly with at present the LED lamp bead manufacture, also said that the LED plant lamp, the LED plant growth lamp, the LED plant makes up the light lamp.

the plant growth lamp is kind of special lamps and lanterns, must need the sunlight according to the plant growth rule, but the plant growth lamp is uses the sunlight the principle, the light replaces the sunlight to the plant growth environment one kind of lamps and lanterns. use: after the application test,LED Spot Lights the plant lamp's wave length very suitable plant's growth, to blossom, finally.

Generally the houseplant flowers and plants, along with the time, but the growing trend will be getting more and more bad, the primary cause will be lacks the light the illumination,led tube light through will suit the plant to need the spectrum the LED lamp illumination, not only may promote its growth, moreover may also lengthen the flowering season, will improve the colored quality.

But applies this kind of highly effective photo source system big and so on awning, greenhouse agricultural productions in and so on facilities, on the one hand may solve the sunshine to cause the malpractice which insufficient the tomato, the cucumber and so on big awning vegetables feeling in the mouth drops, on the other hand may also enable the winter big awning eggplant fruit class vegetables to go on the market ahead of time to the Spring Festival around,When these gentle LED lamp according to cheap evening dressesThat puts on evening dresses you will appear more beautiful moving Is your conceivable LED lamp shines in shoes that will be very sexy   thus achieves the counter-season cultivation the goal.

 1st, takes the supplement illumination, may strengthen the illumination in one day-long any time, may lengthen the effective lighting time.

2, regardless in the dusk perhaps the night, may lengthen the illumination which effectively and the science control plant needs.

3, in the greenhouse or the plant laboratory, may substitute the natural light completely, the promotion plant growth. principle of work: the light environment is the plant growth grows one of essential important physical environmental factors, the transmitted light nature adjustment,cheap women shoes  control adult plant morphogenesis is a facility cultivation domain important technology. matters needing attention because of the electric appliance product, the safety-conscious uses electricity.

led plant lamp's characteristic: The wave length type rich, just right and the plant light synthesis and the light morphogenesis's spectral region tallies; The frequency spectrum wave width half width, may defer to needs to combine obtains the pure monochromatic light and the composite spectrum;

May concentrate the specific wave length the light to shine the crops balanced; Not only may adjust the crops to blossom with solid, moreover can also control high and plant's nutrient content;Therefore we must look for a pair suits from already shoes carefully Jewelry's ray cannot leave the LED lamp's illumination. cheap fashion jewelryLED and the jewelry relations likely the Water and fish The system gives off heat few, takes the space to be small, may use in the multi-layered cultivation three-dimensional composite system, has realized the low heat load and the production space miniaturization;