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Parole Board rules Wilson a danger

Convicted sex offender Stewart Murray Wilson had $4000 in his pockets and was talking to a woman about taking her to Australia, according to the Parole Board, which says he must stay behind bars.Cherson evolis


Wilson, 66, is already back in prison after it was alleged he breached his parole conditions when he rang the woman in February.

On Wednesday, the board said it was satisfied Wilson is a danger to the community and ruled he should remain behind bars until another parole hearing in about March next year.

Wilson, now 66, is one of New Zealand's most notorious sex criminals.Cherson intermec ck3

Dubbed "The Beast of Blenheim" for his decades of crimes when he lived in the town, Wilson was sentenced to 21 years in jail for sexual and violent offending against women and girls, and stupefying and bestiality charges.

However, he had to be released last year and was forced to live in a small house outside the wire on the grounds of Whanganui Prison and was accompanied by two minders wherever he went.

He faced the strictest conditions of any released prisoner in New Zealand's history.Cherson Datamax Printer

He still faces court action over allegedly breaching his parole conditions.

In its decision, the board outlined the evidence it considered at a hearing last month.

Despite Wilson agreeing not to contact the woman, who is related to two of his victims, he rang her on a cellphone after she sent him a Christmas present.

He told her he had a cellphone the Corrections Department did not know about, how he wanted her to move to Whanganui, that he wanted to take her to Australia, that he always had $1000 in his back pocket and how easy it would be for him to break his electronic monitoring bracelet and run away.

When confronted by prison officers about the phone, which wasn't internet capable, Wilson said his lawyers had given it to him and said he didn't know he wasn't meant to ring the woman.

He also said he didn't tell officials about the phone because they didn't ask and he wanted to talk privately with his lawyer and mother.

When he was taken back to prison, Wilson had $4000 in cash on him. His various explanations were that he won money through Lotto and had withdrawn it from his bank account to buy a car.

He also dismissed the talk of going to Australia as a joke.

The board said Wilson's modus operandi was to gain the trust of vulnerable women and then sexually assault them. The woman he was ringing had a history of mental instability, the board said.

The board said it doubted whether he had changed at all. A psychologist said Wilson presented as compliant, but remained deceptive and withheld information about what he was up to.

It was also a "real concern" Wilson's lawyers had given him a phone.