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Person's life

Person's life, can not always go hand in hand breeze Yuet, Liulv bonus companions, there are always some catastrophe, suffering, let's go to withstand, bear, in a sense, life is a pain.

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However, God's suffering in life, he also mixed with sugar and honey, let us bear pain, while also tasting the sweet life.


This pain from body to soul, then the soul to the body, blend winding, tell is bitter in their hearts, or pain in the body, people are not thrown thrown open, escape can not escape, tied in mind, haunts , tied, tortured.


Flowing in our time quietly waiting, savoring their own unique flavor ......Barcode ribbon



Their own story, there are many, often pecking goods, there is a new surprise found that the same is mouth faint smile.


Put those "once", "past" prefix particularly memorable story, obsession, resounding


We like to look back at yourself when the road in search of that one first honest, simple, simple, to appease the now broken hearts, but also to seek the motivation and courage to go computing company


Spare time, read the album, to find once the most beautiful memories, fun, lively, laughing, crying, crazy and youthful ......


We will in the memories lost, moved, and want to hide some memories do not want to face reality. However, memories, just memories ...... just to prove their existence had proof.


Years, the quiet good, Yihua years ......