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The Finland medical association study showed a positive attitude towards life, than negative long life span of about 10 years, their income is the average height of about 30%.

The Finland Medical Association on people's way of thinking and attitude to physical and mental health analysis of the impact of a large amount of information, the conclusion. In addition, the study also found a positive attitude towards life, not only on the degree of life satisfaction higher, work more smoothly, and compressive capacity. Negative 45% of the recurrent or persistent suffered from work-related stress, the same situation in active persons accounted for only 15%hair care.

Studies also show that, the positive or negative attitude to life and school diploma level of concern is not big, income level of life satisfaction and happiness have little effect. Finland expert thinks, active life attitude and exercise, healthy eating habits and stay away from alcohol and drugs and other closely related, but also with the satisfaction of the marital relationship and social relation. Life attitude more positive about the future, more confident, more happy lifeCrystal gifts.

At present, Finland has begun to try to be positive psychology theory into practice. Many of the Finland company has increased investment in this regard, the management and employees are actively thinking training.