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Poster playbill


The packing box is as the name suggests uses for the packing product the box, may classify according to the material for instance: Wooden box, paper carton, cloth box, skin box, hard box, Asian gram force box, corrugated packing box and so on, may also classify according to the product name for instance:

Present box, liquor box, chocolate box, pencil case,Tin Box food packing box, tea packing box and so on. Now evolves Cheng Youmu, the paper also has other material mix to produce together.

Packing box function: In guarantee transportation product security, promotion product files second-rate. Primary materials: Dutch board, ash plates, density board, Asian gram force, metal, rows of roof tiles and so on.

Divides into two broad headings: Surface paper, pit paper. Usually the packing box surface paper commonly used includes: Ash copper, alloy of copper and nickel, Shan Tong, magnificent card, yellow gold card, white gold card, silver card, laser card and so on. “the white bottom tabula rasa” refers to: Alloy of copper and nickel and Shan Tong. The alloy of copper and nickel and the single copper's common ground is pro and con is the white.

The difference is “the alloy of copper and nickel”: Smooth at the same time is not at the same time smooth. The popular spot is may print directly, the reverse side may not print. “single copper”: Pro and con have spread the cloth cover, the pro and con may print.Office Furniture DeskThe ash bottom ash plates have this kind of paper, but it does not use on the packing box, the ash bottom tabula rasa, it is so-called “the ash copper paper” namely is directly the white, may print, the reverse side is the gray, may not print.

Generally Bai Ka is also “the white bottom tabula rasa” the paper, but time the general quoted price's abbreviation (eliminates special Bai Ka, for example: White gold card, silver card) and so on.

  The color use's elegant desire contrasts, is mainly by the prominent unauthorized character, but sets off its loftiness. But this vulgar performance way, is " dirty " chaotic and the disorder carries on with the color (in fact has a special inventive mind,LED Lights Supplier some Western oil painting very about this kind of performance - - is modern abstract art).

This kind of composition, either is one kind of symbolic revelation subject, either is the subject " contrasts the lotus " the service. causes in it ten thousand flowering shrubs a spot to be red. If does not give serious thought to anything in a packing picture seems is carelessly or throws a at sixes and sevens color pile spreads in above.

Then quietly one side or in the ingenious place is clear the design the subject. This is the very interesting matter. Besides the packing, even in the book mounting and design, the advertisement, the picture poster playbill, on television's leisure column has such attempt. color use contrast contrast. This kind of contrast contrast materially is the contrast effect which own different and forms mutually by many kinds of pigments.

This contrast effect usual performance method is: The light and shade contrast (or is called masculine and feminine elements contrast),taylor made suits  looks like China's Yi Qingtu; Changes in temperature contrast, like red and blue contrast; Sound of something astir contrast, like elegantly simple tranquil background and alive and kicking design writing contrast: Weight contrasts, like deep pigment and light pale pigment contrast and so on.