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Non-woven bag production technology

Nonwoven bag is generally applied by screen printing process, it is often said that the" screen", it has also many manufacturers commonly used in the printing process. Generally artificial printing process, so the color control is hard to control, so there are a lot of new non-woven fabric printing, here we introduce several current market mainstream:

But as the guests of the beautifully printed products and environmental protection requirements continue to increase, there are a lot of new non-woven fabric printing, here we introduce several current market mainstream:

One, the watermark

Because of the use of water-based mortar shells as the printing medium and the name, in the textile printing in the more common, also called printing. When printing to color and water elastic rubber blend. Wash the plates without chemical solvents, can direct water rinse. Its characteristic is a good edge coloring, strong covering and fastness, wash resistance, basically there is no smell.

Two, gravure printing

Using this method, the processed products is often called the nonwoven bags. This process includes two steps, i.e., first using the traditional gravure printing process diagram paper printing to film, with film covering technology will be printed on the film composite on nonwoven fabrics. The general colour printing non-woven bags are used in this process. poly bag supplier characteristic is the fine print, full use of machine production, short production cycle. Another product has excellent waterproof performance, product durability than other processes for the production of non-woven bags. The film has a light and Matt two kinds of options, Matt with ground effect! Weakness is associated with the concept of environmental protection conflict, because the film is difficult to degrade.

Three, heat transfer

Heat transfer in printing belongs to the special printing! The method requires an intermediate medium, the first graphic printing and thermal transfer film or thermal transfer paper, make plastic bag  and then through the transfer device for transferring a pattern to a non-woven fabric. In the textile printing is commonly used in medium heat transfer film. Its advantages are: the fine print, have rich level, comparable with those photos. Applied to a small area of printing color image. The disadvantage is that the price is high, the cost of printing high.