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Recently, outside mainland China the transportation department of transportation designated that Baoding, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Guiyang, Wuhan, the Wuxi 10 cities, take the first batch low-carbon transportation experiment site city, the development low-carbon transportation system construct the pilot work. These experiment site city will install the LED lamp along the route in the highway;

Takes the lead in the highway service area to begin using the solar energy, the wind energy to be self-sufficient the power supply; Promotes comprehensively in the highway construction mixes the asphalt low-carbon to pave the way warm the technology.LED Flood lights  Take the Hebei Province Baoding as the example, at the end of 2009, Baoding already in governed in the highway service area to implement the LED illumination reconstruction project, the lighting attachment will rebuild completely for the energy conservation photo source.

5 years, this city also along the route will be next related in the highway the region to install 72721 LED lamps, one year may save the electrical energy 82,815,000 degrees. At the same time, will also choose 2-3 highway service areas, takes the lead in the entire province to start the service area solar energy, the wind energy energy self-reliance low-carbon construction project.

In addition, this city in 643 kilometer highway constructions, each kilometer use worn out tire modifying asphalt material 264.44 tons, may accumulate the reduced carbon dioxide withdrawal 59513 tons; from 2011 to 2013, will also promote comprehensively in the highway construction mixes the asphalt low-carbon to pave the way warm the technology, may save the fuel oil 255 tons,LED Spotlights reduces the carbon dioxide to discharge 773.11 tons.

In the highway planting will implement the Qiao bush multiple coat planter positively, constructs the road green corridor, attracts the carbon function using the vegetation, realizes reduces the carbon indirectly. To 2013, the whole city country province skeleton line will transplant drought resisting, cold resistant tree 100,000 along the route, flowers and plants bush 2,000,000, every day may absorb the carbon dioxide 180 tons.

In the urban public transportation aspect, to 2013, Baoding will stand in the main city newly built compressed natural gas air entrainment 19 (mother stands 2), satisfies the city public transport with to be mad the demand basically.

before 2015, will purchase 1000 natural gas passenger trains to put into service one after another, the urban district mass transit vehicles realize comprehensively were mad that (natural gas) a generation of oil, advances with steady steps by the electricity generation of oil experiment site construction. At the same time, in Baoding will use the clean energy all taxi to 2013.