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Historical origin   The Deban stadium is also called the Moses - horse to compare the hada stadium (Moses Mabhida Stadium), is to commemorate former South African Communist party general secretary the horse to name compared to the hada. This named South African independence and the liberation movement were the great contribution leader to pass away in March, 1986.

Actually, Deban has a long standing reputation king originally the park field, but the South African Soccer association, the World Cup organization committee and the Deban municipal government give up using king the park field, decided that constructs one brand-new to be possible to carry on the soccer,Water slide  the track and field, the rugby, the golf and the swimming and so on many project comprehensive stadiums.

on July 8, 2006, the Deban stadium opens officially constructs, undergoes more than three year of construction, this stadium is completed in November 24, 2009, 4 days later, this field starts to begin using officially, the South African league tournament two super teams carried on a competition in here, the horse Leeds fort regiment 1-0 have defeated Zulu the person team. On January 27, the South African national sports team first time visits this stadium, and by 3-0 wins easily Zimbabwe in the friendly match, has obtained in the past 6 months in the 12 international game's second victory. Began the color for this newly built stadium.

Outlook design   This stadium the outlook design has the creativity, the field sky constructs a penetration thing two to the viaduct, this symbolic arch structure is very easy to let the person association Britain London's Wenbuli big field, in fact, the Deban field's design inspiration originates from the South African national flag, field north side two arch Liang in airborne connects the Deban stadium,Plastic wood  in extends to the south side time already combined, is symbolizing the country which in South African this history once split, now unites as one.

At the beginning of the decorated lantern on, this arch Liang Jiuxiang flies high the rainbow, is attractive. But 46,000 square meter glass fiber membrane's roof has covered in the stadium 88% seats. What is interesting, the Chinese element has also become this stadium part, has two Chinese on the stadium wall - - “welcome presence” and “is successfully unexpectedly affirmative”.

The arch unique design not only has the political significance, the astute Deban person also prepares it to make a scenic site. This extends above 350 meter arch structures to have the cable car to pass, the tourist may borrow this bird's eye view field as well as the entire place city. Moreover, the Deban stadium will also give these venturer the opportunity which will go against from 80 meter high arch jumps jumps down extremely.

But in the transportation aspect, the Deban person also hoped that it becomes the entire leisure campus a key position. Through the underground tunnel,Playground equipment the Deban stadium with each scenic spot link in one, the tourists has been possible to drive directly goes to the stadium beach. Eliminates in addition, the entire leisure campus also includes the local stadium, the soccer museum, the sports institute, the dining room, the store, the child to amuse the area and so on many kinds of entertainment facilities.

  But regarding this stadium's use, the Deban person has also carried on the long-term planning, they when design prepares the Deban stadium to locate in one may carry on the soccer, the track and field, the rugby, the golf and the swimming and so on many project comprehensive stadiums, and using its radiation entire sports park, makes Deban South Africa's sports capital.

Looks like World Cup period, this field's capacity was defined in 70000 people, but when undertaking convention competition will reduce to 54000 people, meets will look like when Olympic Games such significant activity may the dilatancy to 85000 people.