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Strange jewelry


On July 8 afternoon, the Wuhan group light square has the strange jewelry burglary case. The Wuhan Police announced yesterday that passes through 4 days to investigate with all one's strength, this market's auspicious graciousness jewelry special counter loses the burglary case success to consider broken, is involved in a case two main suspects and 1 are incited 6 year-old girl who commits a theft to capture, 19 are robbed the jewelry to recover completely, total value nearly 2,000,000 Yuan. on July 8 about 2:00 pm, the auspicious graciousness jewelry special counter's shop employee when takes inventory the goods, discovered that has 19 jewelry to rob,Jewelry Factory then immediately reports to the police.

After answering alarm, the municipal public security bureau Control center assembles the investigation bureau, the Hongshan sub-bureau sharp police forces composition to solve a case the special class, rushes to the scene development work rapidly. Municipal party committee member, city politics and law committee secretary, public security Bureau Chief Hu Xu 鹍 instruction related department push investigation. The Hongshan public security sub-bureau rapid organization carries on the investigation to visit.

passes through the investigation, happening the same day about 12:00 pm, some 4 women were leading once 6 year-old girls to the auspicious graciousness jewelry special counter, 4 women inquired that the goods price is a reason, covers shop employee's line of sight, the accompanying little girl is unprepared while the shop employee, crawls into the counter inside from counter's channel,Cheap Wedding Dresses will not have caged in the glass cabinet 19 jewellery ornaments rob, afterward and 4 women leave rapidly. The entire process several seconds, the shop employee and other customers have not been able to realize slightly.

After the happening, approximately 2 hours, on-duty shop employee when the shift relief takes inventory the goods, only then discovers is the victim. the handling a case police tells fortunes by physiognomy through the accent closes the monitoring video recording, locks the suspect appearance characteristic rapidly, and advances the detection investigation work immediately. on 11th about 11:00 pm, participates in committing a crime in 4 women's native of Hunan He, Hu, leads the little girl to arrive at the group light square once more,Fashion Jewelry the police who handles a case is being recognized, the police intercepts 3 people rapidly in the scene.

passes through the examination, two women and the little girl noon's committing a crime fact confessed fully to 8th. At present, the police are capturing the two suspect with all one's strength at-large, the case, in further examines.

In Hongshan area group light square jewelry cabinet, 19 jewelry were strange the other day are robbed. Yesterday the Wuhan Police announced that the implementation burglary, is 4 women and 6 year-old girls. on 11th, two women and this girl return to time the group light square, handles a case is being captured by the police who the square. the video recording monitoring, locks 4 suspect on 8th, an ordinary weekend, if the tide crowd rushes the group light square, is very lively.

About 2:00 pm, called out in alarm crowd's attention shifts left side of the square most in the end auspicious graciousness jewelry special counter, “in the glass cabinet the jewelry disappeared!”Originally, the shop employee when takes inventory the goods, discovered that has 19 jewelry to rob, total value nearly 2,000,000 Yuan, most expensive jewelry value more than ten ten thousand Yuan. She informs the market immediately, and dials 110 warnings.