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take off Qiaozhuang!

Yellow River, in this vast northern Shandong plain, smartly turning a corner. Majestic like Mirs wings, forever stop in Binzhou City, this land of ancient civilization, has been a constant through the years of her magic. So, on the Yellow River bend this place, a magnificent fishing Zhang Yellow Gate irrigation ancillary works, built in 1958 victory, in 1989, the famous Diversion intake and on this was completed. Thus, the Yellow River water as the mother's blood, slowly injected from here across the province, watering, nurturing generations of industrious and simple toiling masses. Far from looking up, mighty Yellow River gate, standing in the generosity of the Yellow River dam, like a giant buckle lattice windows, inlaid on the banks of the Yellow River in the tall, majestic. Her sides are Daelim way street dike area, towering poplars, willows Emotion old, I do not know how many years the growth here. Its roots firmly headlong into the loess, suction drain the sweet water of the Yellow River. Pines and cypresses, as if some years, the Dai-color deep pine needles, pine nuts old, showing years of vicissitudes. Zhaohuai, Ziye, crape myrtle, holly and other landscape trees display their posture, with their own unique color, dotted with ancient dams, has been extended to the depths of the Yellow River embankment.雪纤瘦
Us towards the crest, standing aside four gates overlooking the Yellow River, has list of small hills feeling. Yellow first greeted by the vast, rolling waves sparkling in the sunlight shining silver. Taotao Yellow River water comes from the distant horizon, all the way Zheng Chen, all the way to the East passed away. Churning whirlpool, rolled muddy sand, sand and describe a number of epic Lane, endless vicissitudes of the story. Yellow beaches where a tall "Yellow River Mother" statue, holding a baby, kindly, as if whispered softly with the baby, like the right people to tell China five thousand gloomy changes.雪纤瘦
Recover excited eyes, to the east lookout. Blue sky, there are several flower Lonely in slowly cruising. Blue sky, the endless expanse of the Great Plains. The most striking is that throughout the Diversion headwork Joe Town three acres of fish farming base corner, and the State "AAA scenic spot," fisherman Zhang Forest Park of the iceberg. An artificial water canal, the two sides under the shade trees stretch far away. All roads meandering path is no longer the former muddy grass track, but a small mooring oil straight and flat, criss-cross. The white cotton a boundless hope, if it is seasonal and seasonal temperature contrast, you would think this is just drifting snow. Guys and Dolls harvesting of cotton, decorated in white cotton fields, and the sun off each other, forming a unique landscape, very enjoyable.
Standing in Diversion headworks, one side of the shrimp ponds as flashing eyes, lying there, under the blue sky, white clouds, forest park with fishing Zhang interconnected interdependent, side by side. That all-shrimp ponds house, white house body, red roof, looking ahead, vertical and horizontal rows of oblique trip, very conspicuous evenly distributed between the clear water in a bark, stretching hundreds of miles. That lush forests, clear blue water, birds singing in rich rural scenery; pair of units, seven rivers, wetlands Diwai scenic, and "then endless days of lotus Bi, lotus flowers red" acres of lotus pond ; that the rolling acres of ornamental Pictorial rice, and iris and groaning, water Bitou, Ichthyornis phase fauna Diversion settling basin. All marks wise artistic skills, show a new generation of farmers ahead of consciousness and mind, reflecting the contemporary rural development speed and tremendous changes. This natural environment, built with a combination of plain artificial lakes, reservoirs, and a steady stream of green, with the North Lake featuring age support Rao wild scenery, majestic scenery, Xuanhe style three-dimensional picture. And financial fisheries, agricultural situation, vegetable series, travel, homebound, humanities, and other ornamental significance, rivers and lakes around the clock to build eco-cultural heritage zone. What makes it green! What makes such a prosperous! The Yellow River, the Yellow River water to give their souls, giving their infinite wisdom. This is not exactly wise people writing a glorious chapter in the Yellow River shore do? Carefully read of, from simple read out wisdom, ordinary read great green read out the warmth, the surging Yellow River water readout power. Let the world be moved is an article, ecological and cultural development in the CBD.
Standing under the Yellow River irrigation channels signs, staring at four ZHOU Xiu-li charming green, feeling intoxicated. Looked down at the foot of yellow soil, long aftertaste, fell into deep thought. A long time ago, Binzhou Boxing, Guangrao County, including Joe Town 131 square kilometers of land, all the land of the sea is a retreat. When the water receded slowly, by water off the land, which is difficult to remove the salt, grab a wet soil smell, thick salty smell pungent. Spring is here, here to open over large tracts of the "Ronghua", like a snow did not melt exhausted. This is the once famous "shit alkali broken Ding" and "alkali Wild" and sand constantly. Summer comes, low-lying here, has become a vast water flooding. In 1937, Joe Ma Wan Town, north of Zheng Jue Temple near the Yellow River burst, the surging Yellow River water with a lot of sediment, tumbling flock to Boxing guangrao and several other county. Over 20 villages by the disaster. After the water receded, siltation under a lot of sand, failed to block the salt erosion. Farmers toiling year after year, watched hopes dashed again and again, they are scared what! This piece of barren saline, and perhaps they like cramps, aching. And in this Lu North Plains, good weather year's harvest, but also what year it? What year would allow farmers to have a satisfactory harvest? Even the stones, have long been muggy, melt, crumple. How many years of difficult years, constantly interpretation here barren and destitute. Plant crops particles do not accept, people are destitute. Finally, in 1957, the Yellow River bend in this place, in the Soviet Union with the help of my brother, and built a fishing Zhang Yellow Gate. Qiaozhuang people in the party and the government, under the leadership battle salt, fighting desert patch of thick Ga salt slag children, was finally purified Ganlie shaken by the Yellow River water, are suppressed. The original salt marshes slowly becomes a fertile ground for all these years and to catch up with the superior national policies, farmers' markets everywhere. Farmers have a free hand, starting wisdom mind, in your own piece of land on which to carve out a brilliant blue sky and clear water.雪纤瘦
Years has become history, poverty is not repeated. It has become the local people's memory, hard to heal a scar, a trace of spiritual pain. The foot of this fertile soil, ah, how much had soaked the bitter with the vicissitudes of life, in front of the bark water, tells the story of how not old. Take a pinch of ancient loess, to weigh the weight of years; twist drop of water can be a reflection of the history of heavy. Hardworking people, with the hard work and wisdom, created a modern pastoral homeland, perhaps this is a historical necessity. I firmly believe that in the coming days, the Yellow River bend in this place, in this vibrant Lu in North Plains, people would take her dress more beautiful.
I'm not willing to go out fishing Zhang irrigation. Ceasing looked round and magical Yellow tall gate, looked at the plot of the total is also constantly looking green, mind a long time failed to get into it the emotion out of his mind. Goodbye, my love of this side of the Pure Land! Bless you, take off Qiaozhuang!