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technical barrier


“the low price strategy” has the concealed worry “current Zhongshan in the area of jurisdiction electro-optic light and the lamps and lanterns Production enterprise, privately operated small and medium-sized enterprise quantity accounts for above 90%, the question are also most.”

This game of related staff indicated that the current decorative lighting profession existence's question, mainly displays in the long-term developmental strategy consciousness not strong, is eager for quick success and immediate gain the behavior to be prominent,LED Spot Light Manufacturer  the product quality lacks the active control, the export low end market, market competition ability to be primarily weak, these are not only assist with the supervision key point, is also the industrial structure optimization promotes the difficulty and the focal point.

For example, since 2008, American, European high-end market bitter experience influences and so on loan crisis, Greece credit crunch, Zhongshan many electro-optic lights and the lamps and lanterns enterprise in the development take the low-and-middle product Middle East, South America, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations local zone time primarily, has satisfied constantly as the pursue profit the customer low price request, reduces has exported lamps and lanterns' overall quality. And, conserves energy the lamp, the outdoors lamp, the LED lamp question to be more prominent.

It is reported that in view of the decorative lighting profession present existence's question, Zhongshan has examined the quarantine bureau since 2009 in the second half of the year, namely enlarges has assisted dynamics to the Production enterprise,LED Flood Light Manufacturer  the union to advance the new sort management means that has the plan, the target-oriented dispatch key member help enterprise to search the question and to act appropriately to the situation, encourages the enterprise to walk the quality, the brand road.

The Wenzhou Examination Quarantine Bureau statistics, in 2010 the first 11 months, this city exports lamps and lanterns total 5003 batch, 102,000,000 US dollars, grew 22.2% separately compared to the same period with 2009 and 37.1%. And the energy conservation class lamps and lanterns export amount grew from last year's 1,650,000 US dollars to 6,500,000 US dollars, grew 294% compared to the same period. Wenzhou also emerges one batch to conserve energy the lamps and lanterns to hit the product primarily the enterprise, conserves energy lamp's export amount also largely to grow. The Zhejiang condensation science and technology Limited company in 2010 goes into production officially the LED energy conservation lamp, simultaneously, the condensation science and technology has attacked and captured the European Union two items “the green instruction”,

enters the European market smoothly. And main road's street light project makes the transformation to the Malaysian Prime Minister's Residence's landscape bright project and king, and has obtained the international customer approval. since 2010, the Wenzhou lamps and lanterns export has assumed the growth trend. On the one hand international economy's return to warmer weather has led the Wenzhou lamps and lanterns export;

On the other hand,LED Ceiling Light Manufacturer emerging market's development also promoted the growth which the Wenzhou lamps and lanterns exported, Wenzhou to country's and so on Russia, Britain, US, Australia export amounts to present the trend of escalation.
  Fujian main province which exports as the China energy conservation lamp, jinnian qian 10 ge yue export energy conservation lamp 640,000,000, compared with the same time last year grow 53%; Value 710,000,000 US dollars, grow 38.3%. The Fuzhou Customs on 29th count the most recent data, before this year in August, the Fujian energy conservation lamp volume of exports continual 8 months maintains above 30% grows, in July export 0.7, grow 52.9% compared to the same period, create in the year the maximum.

The data demonstrated that the US, European Union mainly the export market for the Fujian energy conservation lamp. First in October, Fujian exports energy conservation lamp 230,000,000 to the US, grows 59.8%, accounts for same time the Fujian energy conservation lamp export total quantity 36.1%; Exports 110,000,000 to European Union, grows 27.1%, accounts for same time the total quantity 17%. In addition, exports 0.6 to Russia, grows 2.9 times.

The Fuzhou Customs people concerned pointed out that the energy conservation will be the global illumination industry in the future the trend of development, in recent years European Union, Russia, Japan, Australia, Canada, South Korea and the US and so on promoted in abundance eliminate traditional Gao Nenghao products and so on incandescent lamp, the popularization promotion energy conservation lamp, the energy conservation lamp export has brought the huge opportunity for China.

This public figure also suggested that the profession association and the Government department must give full play to the function, the prompt notification overseas related technology barrier tendency, the guidance enterprise deals with the overseas technical barrier positively, as well as according to the industrial development present situation, enhances the Chinese domestic energy conservation lamp profession suitably the admittance threshold, guides the enterprise order investment energy conservation lamp industry reasonably, avoids expanding the capital to increase production blindly, makes the industrial surplus aspect.

Furthermore is must establish consummates including the mercury lamps and lanterns recycling system, will contain the mercury lamps and lanterns to carry on the management according to the hazardous wastes, processes properly including the mercury lamps and lanterns abandons the deleterious substance, guarantees including the mercury lamps and lanterns environmental protection use.