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The entire Qing


From the beginning of morning, day dark, foggy, heavy. The breeze fluttering, flower cluster Kam, leaves smart. Sleep, and pregnant with it, they suffered from the earth. Suddenly, the ethereal, deep in the night sky, came the cry of a crow, remote distant and come, pierced the deposition of the sky, chirp crisp into my sleeping ears.

The clear loud Yue ear, my dream. I dream, not disappear, surprised. Huihui fog, Miao. Long, in the simple house, licks in silence, waiting for the sun to rise early, played the dawn. Sleep to wake up, because of I, clambered up. Semi Mi eyes, walking on the edge of the bed, bare foot under the bed with the slipper, on the go, and half closed eyes, look, finally find the bed, be firm and secure lying in GA slippers falls, I put your foot into it, rub the floor, towards the window. Homeopathy, I open the windows, with fragrant mist, pure heart, mist apply face, Kiyoryo Ryo, awakened in me baby.

At this time, laurel Zi Man Institute, it quickly to rob me, sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, the slightest floated, Qinru my nasal cavity, light assault me the viscera. I myself as fine, full of osmanthus, a golden yellow, and white, speak with my sense of smell, fragrance floating gossamer, diffuse in the old house. I drew this ooze spleen aromas, close your eyes, ears, heart, together with the wonder of it all.

The breeze of wind, fluttering osmanthus strands of fragrance, Meng Meng dawn a little bright. The sky, the stains were carp white belly, may at any time to leap in the dark sky, drive away the darkness before dawn. Gently and slowly disperse fog, clouds, clear sky, bright pure laurel flowers, rippling my heart, with the eyes, heart fragrance floating to departmemenn |smmoth1 |Halloween |stand by |love |smmoth |vinda |smmoth's diary |bless you |kiss goodbye.