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The slum joint


Lingers in the slum joint, is keeping thinking about these lie down when the velvet satin facing's pearl necklace, we very easily by the acquisitive instinct operation are been ready to make trouble, before starting, mostly also to note other question, that is a pearl similarly,tahitian pearlactually has the very big price variance.

The collection and the purchase pearl accessories are improve on perfection to the life, in view of the discrete first time purchase and super pearl Fans, our senior jewelry buys the hand basis different budget, has recommended the different price pearl beautiful decoration for you, no matter your budget is many are few, can buy that to belong to own deep sea myth.

budget: 10,000 - 5 ten thousand some dreams realize do not need to spend money like it is going out of style, 50,000 Yuan within investments can also have the ideal beautiful pearl.

This time you do not need to pursue the pearl the size and quantity, the light-sized high quality multi-bead list, or the single grain of pearl matches by the special design is the best choice. pearl by its warmth, elegant, magnificent, always cherishes for the people, is honored as jewelry empress. The pearl ingredient is includes the mechanism calcium carbonate, the chemical stability is bad, may dissolve in the acid, in the alkali, in the daily life is not suitable the contact perfume, the oil, the salt,south sea pearl the ethyl alcohol, the opaline, the vinegar and the dunghill; Cannot contact the banana oil and so on organic solvent;

In the summer the human body perspires many, is also not suitable wears the pearl necklace, does not use must use the high-quality neutral soap or the liquid detergent washes gently cleanly, then air dries, cannot insolation or the roasting under the sun; When collection cannot put with the camphor ball on the same place, also do not place the bank for a long time in the safe-deposit vaults. Pearl degree of hardness is low. Wore the long white pearl to meet the yellowing, caused the gloss variation, the available 1%-1.5% hydrogen peroxide solution blanching, needed to pay attention cannot float the head, will otherwise tarnish. 1, acid-proof corrosion:

In order to cause the pearl the gloss and the color is not affected, should avoid letting the pearl contact plant acid, the alkali and the chemical, like perfume, soap, stereotypia water and so on. Wear the pearl jewelry swimming or do not take a bath. Therefore please after putting on make-up put on your lovable pearl again. 2, are far away from the kitchen: The pearl surface has the small blowhole, therefore is not suitable lets in its air entrainment the filthy material. The pearl can absorb materials and so on eruption rubber, perfume. Therefore is sure not the clothing attractive pearl to send a telegram sends, must be careful in the kitchen. Do not dress the attractive pearl to boil the vegetable, the steam and the lampblack possibly permeates the pearl, makes it turn yellow.

 3rd, the sheep flannelette serves: After each time wears the pearl, (particularly after burning hot day) must wipe cleanly the pearl only then puts away, can maintain the pearl the gloss. Easiest to use sheepskin or exquisite flannelette, not with surface paper, because some paper's friction will wear the pearl. 4,freshwater pearl  not near clear water: Does not want the water used clean pearl necklace.

The water may enter in bead's eyelet, not only difficulty with wipes does, inside the command will ferment possibly also, the twisted thread possibly will also transfer the green. If time clothing had many perspirations, the available soft wet towel wipes carefully only, air dries after naturally, returns the jewelry box. The available pale lye clean, may maintain the pearl by chance the favor (to be only restricted in with nylon line string pearl, does not suit silk thread string pearl). After the pearl changes yellow, may recover like this:

With the diluted hydrochloric acid immersion, may dissolve changes the yellow outer covering, causes the pearl reproduction crystal clear gorgeous, the brilliance enchanting luster. But if the color changes yellow fiercely, then reverses with difficulty. 5, need the air: Do not place for a long time the pearl in the safety deposit box, also do not use the plastic bag to seal. Between the pearl needs the fresh air, every several other months then must take wear, let them breathe. If places in the box the pearl changes easily for a long time yellow (“when people grow old become worthless”,pearl factory said is this meaning. )

6, avoid insolation: As a result of the pearl including certain moisture, should place the pearl the shade, avoids as far as possible under the sunlight the direct radiation, or puts in the too dry place, in order to avoid pearl dehydration. the 7, against hard objects blow: Must deposit alone the pearl jewelry, in order to avoid other jewelry abrasion pearl cerebral cortex.

If you planned that wears the bead chain above clothes, clothes' quality of material should better be slides softly. The too rough clothing material will possibly blow spends your precious pearl. 8, keep flat depositing: Do not hang up for a long time the bead chain, day one long time, the silk thread can relax distorts, should its keep flat collection. 9, pearl rings: When except under pearl ring, holds finger ring's handle department or the metal part, do not use the bead to do receives the strength the place, like this may avoid the pearl loosening to yours supporting plane, also prevents in your hand's contamination and the skin secretion oil mounts on the bead.

the 10, periodic inspections, 3 years trade the line: The silk thread long easy to have loosened, but 1~2 years one time deliver me to take charge of the maintenance regularly to be clean, whether the inspection silk thread does loosen, and helps the replacement silk thread; the 3 years trades the line: The pearl should better every 3 years string together one time, certainly must regard clothing's number of times to decide. Enters the bead eyelet the contamination to be able to have the frictional force, is broken off, the position stress close knot's place which the nylon line breaks off.