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The tides


From small to large, you always self-willed, I do not know is too complex or too timid, your heart has been very tense, so that there is an opportunity you relax completely, gradually became a capricious; on the surface you always let me feel very idea, actually it was moved to the idea, just copied, just copy the not so obvious, in fact, your mind is always confused; you don't know what is the correct way to learn, you learn, in the two states is, extremely low self-esteem; two, have a sense of crisis; learning is also urgent fire, won't have a choice learning, are ISM, your mind is still not perfect, narrow-minded, possessive, heart quality is not strong, compressive ability is essentially zero, these are all things that you should pay attention to, because you thought so confusing your whole life is very chaotic, not to you to clear your thoughts, gradually change their outlook on lifemarketing strategy.

Have one year, this year you have to learn to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving cared about you, help them all of you, to obey their parents, because my parents have never lost faith in you, even if you fail...... More concerned about friends, cherish every section of feelings between you, because friendship really pure; be worthy of be worthy of care, care. Try to help all people in need of help, this is your social responsibility, you must be a responsible person... wine class

Have one year, this year is still your energy savings a year. This year you will fully understand myself more to perfect ourselves, to know more about the society, the society fully prepared for your own. This year you do not shaking heaven and earth, but always heart several; not impatient, but to passion; do not have inferiority complex, but be aware not sloppy. But to be tolerant; not narrow-minded, but to cherish; need not be arbitrary, but be bold......

The revolution has not yet succeeded, the comrade still needs the effort. Future is like a picture, but the idea is not enough, the process of painting is the most difficult and most important; the future of the brush in her hand, which can draw step, the decision is entirely up to you.

Remember, no matter what time should have confidence in ourselves... Because faith is gorgeous you paint box color, leave it to your future will fade away. Asian college of knowledge management