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The traditional MP4 still hot


Recently, Aino prior to the release of the ultra low-cost HD MP4 products V8000HDR officially listed, with full of new E200 series of energy-saving chip, 4.3 inches of high-definition color 480X272 screen resolution LCD. Relaxed decoding 768P standard film, tv media player film life time of 5 hours, the network common 720P is more be nothing difficult, support OTG, mobile hard disk, U disk read directly, not to worry about capacity. The built-in dictionary, to learn a good tool, pro forma review necessary edge tool. More powerful features, a more comprehensive application of Aino, leading V8000HDR edition, 199 yuan /4GB, the new listing does not increase core.

Leading V8000HDR edition with new full Chi E200 chip, smooth decoding 768P video, performance strong, low power consumption. Using a 4.3 inch LCD LCD display, clear and natural, with 480X282 resolution is more be a tiger with wings added, the movie essential tool button adopts the key, the service life of up to 100W times. At the same time with touch function, dvd creator convenient and fashionable, in a short moment, wonderful in the eyes. The E200 chip is the science and technology of the new generation of digital video decoder chip, built-in OTG function, large capacity expansion, no longer without storing videos and troubles. Built-in AV function, the AV output line, the video and connected to the television, to replace DVD, realization of point to point play. Built-in PUM power management chip, high capacity polymer lithium battery, standby time of up to 300 hours, music playing time over 10 hours. The built-in dictionary, carry, keep learning. English to Chinese free conversion, learning, free video converter work further.