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Time has passed

Sometimes, even if not forget the past, and not betray now.
Time is a return to the child, go straight ahead, have a lot of things into memory, lost a lot of things, but also get more different things. As a child, throw away old toys, but also get more new toys advertising production.
Some memories should forget, do not want to remember, also do not need to remember; some memory only in the depths of the heart, it can not be out, to start again. Something that is the heart of a wound, because I have been hurt, it hurt you so deep, so stay a long scar scared people mention, afraid the others to touch. Mention, heart, can't stop the heart, touch the pain, can't stop the pain. Always want in front of others the scars of Tibet very deep very deep, do not want others to see, then pretend nothing has happened.
Some people give the bruises, even can't remember who they are, but still have a heart and a seal, constantly remind yourself, don't let those things appear again. Don't like anyone to hate, hate a person more heart-breaking than to love a person, must remember him clearly order flowers service.
Time passed, left behind a string of footprints, take a lot of people, a lot of things, and walked for a long time, have a look back, only those people, those things shadow, everything became bubble. Time is a naughty child, always like to play tricks on people, let us laugh, when you wake up, only to find, the leading actor on the stage has been changed, they wear gorgeous clothes, the interpretation of their beautiful life, and himself, was abandoned in the corner, wearing a clown suit, can only hold their own cry three-dimensional model of motor.I am also a return to the child, walked all lost, back to back, nothing, leaving a trail of deeply shallow footprints. Front of the air wave, say bye. Walk walk, is lost, never be brought back the himself, had to own wave their hands, I said to myself.