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To precipitate

Imperceptibly deep night, go to the balcony, put a warm light music, ten interlocking greedy nestling in a corner. Or gaze at the sky or close my eyes, do not speak, so stay quietly for a while.

Look at the attic gradually to lamp, looked at the distant mountains between the glittering towers, watching the lonely night float a few points of stars, look at that round with blue moon, heart so many several Xu.

Recently do not know why, mood is a little depressed, but everything is normal, but if there is heart. Maybe the muddle along without any aim secular human who say not clear the mundane world, let a should have peace of mind there is no place to place, perhaps confused fleeting years those who say love love love. Keep a quiet heart pain should be reduced to fragments.

In such a quiet night in the heart all ceramic blank, placed in front, with a wooden comb like finishing long hair so serious a combing. To cut off some of the excess stuff, the heart would not be so tired, so upset, so heavy. Yes, the mood of people 's needs to be sorted out, or for a long time, it will be very confused, in a complete mess messy, messy clueless, random fatigue.

In carding process you'll find out, there will be the occasional blank, don't panic, that's just some people came and went, gone will leave a vacancy, the world is not how like delicate things can add this vacancy, even if the text doesn't work, he may want to try leave something, that also is only void superfluous. Occasionally there was a bloody scar, this is my heartache roots, fine fine presumably, originally was a reason to let oneself not worth mentioning the pain so unbearable, no warm comfort let this scar act recklessly and care for nobody pain to the present. Suddenly feel heart good acid. Occasionally see the naked stuff, messy scattered aside, it was once thought can abandon, also unable to pick up something to throw in the memory in the breeze. Now that these should never leave. The heart is a soft things, as long as life is seen irrespective of family, friendship, or love, would then deep marks. The carding good things one one back to the heart, the vacancy or empty, it is pain or pain, just me gently on the door, I don't allow them to flooding when, they quietly hid behind the door.