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traditional rectification


Must first understand first power source's voltage and the permission peg grafting power, then adjusts the good input post according to the electric welding machine corresponding voltage electric welding machine's under input end combination connection, then inspects the electric welding machine out-port whether to need in you the wiring condition, then inspects the electric welding outside the aircraft shell joint grounding whether to meet,dvb manufacturer above checkoff will then later put through the power source use.

Joins the power source, turns on the switch, clamps the welding rod, the regulating current, starts to work. What is most basic is must protect the good eye,Mini Wireless Keyboard  the hands and feet even if generally will be injured will not be serious, the resistance welding, the electroslag welding will meet, the automatic welding, the eye must certainly protect, the protection must be complete, face guard, glove, clothes. With the time earth must be good,Patch Cord Manufacturer  the time electric current which welds must be appropriate.

 One. Conserves energy the electric welding machine's energy conservation manifests when the idling when highly effective the energy conservation and the load conserves energy two aspects. When idling the electric welding machine may the main circuit, the air blower and so on all enter the stopped state, the idling power loss only has several tiles; Time the electric welding machine load's efficiency ratio thyristor rectification welding machine must be high.

According to the related parameter statistics,Cable Manufacturer  in 2008 the country welding profession cocurrent welding machine's demand is 890,000, if uses the electric welding machine completely, may save the copper 43,000 tons directly, the steel 64,000 tons, economize on electricity 680,000,000 KW.H, saves the coal 566,500 tons indirectly, the water 10,340,000 tons, reduces the CO2 withdrawal 1,144,500 tons. Thus it can be seen, promotes the electric welding machine to have the huge economic efficiency and the social efficiency vigorously.

two. Because welding performance stable electric welding machine's operating frequency is above 20KHZ, has the quick speed of response, may to melt the drop transition to subdivide for many stages carries on the control. To the CO2 shielded welding, may reduce the splash largely, melts MIG/MAG to the pulse to weld extremely may carry on effectively the control jet transition stability, but may also melt the drop transition and delivers the silk organization the movement to unify, further controls the melt drop transient process,electric welding machine manufacturer obtains the good welded joint forming, the welding performance is stable.

These are the traditional rectification welding machine are unable to achieve. three. Realizes common control the electric welding machine to use digital controllers massively and so on monolithic integrated circuit, DSP, FPGA, through the ethernet, the field bus realizes many welding machines or the superior machine and between welding machine's network service.

Not only has solved many welding machine coordination work problem, facilitates in the welding process the common control, and has realized the long-distance welding machine parameter establishment or the monitoring, causes the electric welding machine long-distance failure diagnosis and possibly maintains into.