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In January 11th, Hu Run Research Institute published" Chinese billionaire brand tendency to report" show, in ten greatly favor the rich gifts brand, Louis Vuitton ( LV ), pearl jewelry Cartier and Hermes ranked the top three Chinese brands selected, Moutai, ranked fifth. Apple ranked sixth.

It is worth mentioning that, these brands, not only rich people consume, ordinary middle class basic can bear, in have the Spring Festival as a gift for loved ones can be considered.

The rich love 10 gifts brand

10 gifts brand, the French brand most, half, followed by Italy, 2, China, the United States, Switzerland each accounted for 1.

From brand categories, fashion field 6, watch 2, jewelry, wine, electronic products and perfume 1 each.

The Hu Run Institute report says," China: Regal like sending a brand gifts. Especially in the Spring Festival, Chinese plute the value of the gift to clear and high."

In addition,plastic bag manufacturer  the report also contained the first published the world's ten most valuable brands, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, BMW's top three, two Chinese brands of liquor Moutai and Wuliangye selected, were ranked fourth and seventh.

The world's most valuable 10 Luxury Brand

Moutai to $12000000000 the value of the brand to become the fourth most valuable luxury brand, brand value is higher than the Mercedes-Benz and chanel. The same goods, Moutai brand value exceeds the Hennessy, Moet & Chandon champagne and Remy martin.

The world's top ten most valuable brands, 4 from France, 2 each from China and Germany, Italy and Switzerland 1.

From brand categories, fashion field 4, drinks,office furniture cars and watch each have 2, jewelry and perfume 1 each.

Hu Run Research Institute, not apple and Chinese cigarettes in luxury category. If the apple is a luxury brand value, it should be in the first row, and if the cigarette is a luxury brand value, it should be ranked in sixth place, more than chanel.