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wood furniture


Generalized furniture is refers to the humanity to maintain a normal life, engaged in the production practice and social activities, a kind of indispensable apparatus. Narrow furniture refers to live, work or social practice for people to sit, lie or support and storage devices such apparatus and equipment furniture is not only a simple function of material products, but also is a widely popular art form, it is to satisfy certain purposes, but also to meet for people to watch, make people in contact with and generated in the using process of certain aesthetic pleasure and triggered Lenovo's rich spiritual needs.

Household appliances
  " Their king."": at the beginning of the trial, poverty, and Wan Ling make quite, recipient of involuntary discharge of urine, and repair furniture,office furniture  as a division of the inspection, there are one thousand three hundred." Wei Jia Sixie" Qi Min Yao Shu, Liu Huai of catalpa, tussah" : "where the furniture, pieces of wood are advised by former." Song Meiyao 's" river adjacent to" a few poems: "Wen Junqian house, than the old well. Repeat this false cloth bag, he hastily furniture." " Hate the sea" sixth:" ( DI Hua ) to find a house, buy all use furniture." Ba Jin" destroyed" the second chapter:" this little room at the end of the walls, as well as room furniture are gone."

Specific production tools
  Kang Zhuo" buy cattle down":" but they group Li Laohan, has a stubborn, temper, saw them to make furniture, a pile, quit!" Liu Qing" in the autumn of 1955 Huangfu village":" the sun near the western horizon, men and women who finished furniture, to the middle of Dachang together."
  By means by means of

" Zhu Xi book" volume Fifteen:" house father asked: ' stand on ceremony, probably forced; and both the waste, do not know this He Youxing? ' Said: ' neither the furniture, also had to keep his righteousness. '"

That the poetry arts and styles, genres, artistic expression
  Ye Shi song" a master Liu to book" : "since the elegant poet, accounted for all but six or seven number of persons, Sue Li Zhi Yu Xin for everyone, and Wei Suzhou are both, Tao Yuanliang is completely abandoned all furniture and only for you are."
  A household appliance
  A wardrobe, desk and other large items.

Liu Qing" iron bastions" chapter seventeenth:" Shi Defu is afraid of soil Fang Ziyue get worse, that they asked team comrades; ask people for: furniture water flush, wash your hands, take the new cotton dipped in egg stator wipe."
  The weapon

Liu Qing" iron bastions" chapter eighteenth:" a back Heziqiang and carbine two child furniture guard up." Household appliances, means,flower shop  including wood, cooking utensils. Is human 's daily life and social activities with sitting, trust, storage, and other functions of the apparatus interval. Usually consists of several components, according to a joint assembly, has become an important part of indoor and outdoor decoration. Wei Jia Sixie" Qi Min Yao Shu" five Huai Liu catalpa catalpa tree oak : "where the furniture, pieces of wood are advised by former." Visible, since the ancient times, Chinese furniture has been to use lumber as the main material, mainly wood furniture.

Editor this paragraph
  Furniture trends
  Current solid wood furniture and panel furniture [1 ] the furniture market to occupy 80% above, and these like these types of people, all belong to the middle and high grade.

People age levels and acceptance of cultural education and social status and so on ... ... Today a wide range of styles, including classical, modern, European, American, after rural village, the Mediterranean style, and has a certain market share, furniture trends vary from minute to minute, but will never change is that several of the mainstream style of furniture.