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2011, the new century second ten year beginning, the Shanghai international clothing culture festival welcomed her 17th birthday, the Shanghai fashionable clothing week also marched into the ninth year. The chill in the air in early spring, cannot block the fashion the footsteps to stream in; Colorful in March, will dazzle the color secondary rainbow clothes to glisten in Shanghai city stage blooms.

Shanghai international clothing culture festival, the Shanghai fashionable clothing week from the origination until now, strengthens the international exchange interaction, attracted the numerous world famous brands to settle down in China,cheap evening dresses  to settle down in Shanghai; Promoted the textile clothing profession industry restructure to promote, take promoted the independent brand, to prop up the native place original design strength as own duty, has accomplished an indispensable design troop.

Through many year unremitting efforts, one one week already became Shanghai to construct the international trade center and the international fashion the important gripping device, becomes the development fashionable industry and the modern service industry characteristic platform.

This session of clothing festival and the fashionable clothing week will continue to receive “the develop economy, to be prosperous the market, the beautified world, beautiful”, “the gathering fusion · eagerly anticipates the tidal current,discount costume jewellery  the fashion lets the life is more splendid” the consistent objective, take “innovation · fusion · fashion Shanghai” as subjects, March 16 to April 16 period, sell by exhibition, series activities and so on fashionable clothing issue, fashionable celebration, academic forum and business marketing through the development brand, construct the brand-new fashionable prospect.

The 22nd session of Dalian international clothing festival and the international carnival and 2011 China (Dalian) the international clothing textile exposition (hereafter refers to as “a two meeting”), holds the press conference. Reporter found that this year “a two meeting” is decided September 3 to hold to September 8, by the opening ceremony square revelry party,South Sea Pearls  the clothing abundant meeting series activity, the clothing festival series activity, the carnival series activity and the closing ceremony promulgation party 5 parts is composed.

  Plans to invite stars and so on Wang Lihong, Fei Xiang to present at the opening ceremony   It is reported that opening ceremony on September 3 20:00, in Altair and Vega bay engraved pillar square hold. Take “urban which, fervor people advances boldly” as subject large-scale square revelry party, divides "Praises and admires Chinese Dance Divine land", and "Prays Peace Dance World" "for Strength Dalian Dance Shore City" three music movements, wholesale fashion jewellery  21 common people familiar-sounding can the detailed Chinese and foreign old song and the music, lets resident who participates in the revelry under familiar song happy accompaniment, or the entire audience dances with sings.

  The revelry activity is 2 hours, plans to invite Wang Lihong, Fei Xiang, the knife court attendant, the phoenix legend, Si Qinge the date cheerful South Korea US young girls to combine (Wonder Girls) to participate in opening ceremony's performance. On the spot, will build ten thousand person of auditoriums, the resident may buy a ticket the admission. Moreover, will increase this year also the fireworks performance dynamics.

 Participation domestic and foreign each kind of enterprise more than 800, the overseas exhibitor achieves 30%   2011 China (Dalian) international clothing textile exposition September 3 to September 6 in Dalian world reading extensively square and Dalian Xinghai convention center hold. The opening ceremony is decided on September 3 9:00, holds in the world reading extensively square performance hall.   
  It is reported that comes domestic and foreign each kind of enterprise more than 800 which this year participates, the overseas exhibitor achieves 30%, the domestic independent brand and Dalian Local enterprises unfold business to account for 20% respectively, the textile and the clothing fitting and so on account for 30%, improved compared to last year.

And,LED strip lights the world reading extensively square is the specialized exhibition, the display area 25,000 square meters, in the exhibition venue divides 6 exhibition regions, including overseas high-quality exhibition regions and so on fashionable clothing exhibition region, national independent brand exhibition region; The Xinghai convention center to retail the exhibition, the display area 15,000 square meters, in the exhibition venue divide Dalian earthwork product retail sales exhibition and everywhere high-quality goods retail sales exhibition. The clothing during abundant duration will conduct nearly 30 special activities.