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You are beautiful


Tender night, bright sky, spring breeze stormed, at the fingertips of gap danced, so, cut a autumn maple foliage faster, away, let alone hanging on the branches, I understand, several storms, few embrace the moon, a few degrees of age, obscure words still linger in our ears, flow past star the trail stays in the eyes of the moment, to close my eyes in the night, and good long, waiting for a century, a symphony, a pebble in the pond water and central, scared to go sleep Pisces, splashing ripples wet white clothes, water ripples lap then a circle swing away far away, don't know where the, will not come back, finally disappearing in the chill moonlight, I think you should not lonely, because there is this beautiful white moonlight silently staring at your slender figure, depend on you tender shoulder listen, you plucked zither, thoughts follow you back thousands of years that sound sad sigh, drunken drunk, broken sound deeper, good a guqin, the interpretation of a sentence heart, not logical punctuation, also broke the line, night, cold, or Xu is cold, my gaze, like the moon, like a harp, because of, meet, you are beautifulhair loss sufferers.

A person walking, boundless, pool croak broke the stillness of the night. Gently close your eyes, see the fragrant rice fields, to forget that the maple leaf slowly landing sound, but never with the wind away, do not know the yellowing of the notebook are written with no male and female protagonists of the story? The hazy moonlight or greedy bar, all remain in the eyes, just to remember the most beautiful a frog, a memory, a story. Don't know who is Nianhua chuckle, mouth slightly a light mark, in a pale words, in the past, now figure slowly in this mosaic vicissitudes word slot, everything will always go slowly, slowly away everything, however, it does not take away the most purely emotion. Just because the palm scar disappear, but left a deep mark. Broken string no melody, but his most heartbeat song, listen to the wedding in a dream, so, I opened my eyes, listen to the thoughts, hopes this season most sincerely hopehair care naturally

The way in the moonlight, and the wind is accompanied, and moon follows, looking for you disappear figure, step, step, wisps of breeze to bury me in one night, look up at the starry sky, the moon was so bright moonlight night, cold, still, however, only the euphemistic scenes story, and I buried in this already old and yellowing of the word, always stay in the walking of the moment, and turned back, you're, dancing, laughing at me, but I have a drop of crystal tears forever stay in the corner of the eye, because the freeze will not fall off. When the sleeve with the moon in a wild dance, do not know whether in memory with fragrance rice flower, when the dusk came a sound of sigh, who is on the looking, a crescent, and come, come, but not you. When a turn to be gone for a moment, suddenly look back, but you appeared behind me, who did not leave my sight, looks good, the flower in early puberty reveal charming fragrance, make people drunk, mouth smile, away from me so close, I really want to put you in my arms, when I stretch my hands, you stay away from me for a step, and I like you go into, you stay away from me for a step, I walked for a long time, but still failed to come to you, why? Is be close by. Or far apart, thousand miles away you plucked lute can I hear from me, so far away? When I and the last step, you do not see, really disappeared? Disappear in no stars in the night, hands full of cool, where have you been? When the pool frog wake me, back to the starting point, or moonlight, pond, still did not stop the frogs, oh, it was just a dream, is really a dream? Yes, because this still belongs to you, but my eyes what is wet, suddenly falls in a drop of crystal droplets remain in the palm, rainhair loss treatment childbirth.