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You gorgeous flowery

If say, the encounter between people is a kind of fate. So, people with a city forever parting is also can say is a kind of fate.
A few years ago, in me off the train at the moment, I began to integrate into the city of blood. The West belongs to the metropolitan city, I see it historical traces of life, see it to stand in the contemporary culture and the storm AUG教育集團.
Once I stood on the roof watch tower rising sun, I have touched the wall mottled cracks, once I in the South Qinling Mountains rock walk. Once the thin trying to feel the smell of this city, including its old face and forthright folk customs. However, a few years later, I became accustomed to this ancient city of slow rhythm, getting used to it as savage bold personality and tumultuous crowd security.
If the city greatly small vertical fault and road is the life of the vessel, then walking in the street I had as veins and a little blood molecules, so easy, so natural, as if I was born here.
Once said to others, here is my second hometown. Is true at all! When I met here in remote villagers when the past happy and say " Hey, we are half a fellow". This is my temporary leave here when it was found. Before, before, but I have rejected this city. I used to hate it slow, ironically it backward, look here really bold savage. I used to hate hate to leave here! Now, my mood is so naive, and the like as the old city was so innocent 心理輔導服務.
It has been brilliant, initiated several centuries before the world not bright, had a few centuries ago, not of the world open cultural mind. After a history of one thousand years of vicissitudes, it was buried in the old records, deep drop at the time of the canyon, the light lost in the memory of people. Now it, existence is awkward, like a had countless medals hang man. However, it is good, in the face of history of embarrassment, it bears accepted, people still rest content life which.
In the face of the city, how can we make it backward and despised, but not because of its kind and innocent oppression. Because any one place behind has its deep historical reasons and practical reason. We just need to respect, respect for the city, with respect to the culture of the city, with respect to the city life
Now, be about to leave. My heart be reluctant to part. I am reluctant to residues in the history of the cracks in the old wall, which were reluctant to dusty city construction, not its unique flavor snacks, more reluctant to the city 's poor but rest content kind of ordinary people.