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Young no limit


Young -- we are still young, whenever I come across setbacks, people like to use such words to comfort, however in the young journey, there are a few people is everything is going smoothly. In this way, I continue to fall, fate is like trying to fix me, and led me to the edge of the cliff but I'm fling caution to the winds, jump to jump down, dab8f28ek fall to the ground before the second also naive to think that the sky falls down the pie, God on my mercy, dba in Asia until fell down just wake up, regret the ignorance. And started to climb, but once again failed, I still do not know how long this round, but I never had to give up the idea, because do not give up the second, the next second will have hope, want to stand up again, must adhere to.

I remember going to school when the teacher said, people should grow up in frustration, as in a failure also came to understand, the road ahead will be more difficult, waiting for his will is all sorts of difficulties and setbacks, not to be them down, the only defeat them, people often say that the biggest enemy be yourself, so you want to defeat them, must first overcome ourselves, if even their own can not defeat, everything is just empty talk. However, doctorate degree in business to overcome their own is not so easy, with enough facts to tell myself, I can! I can. Stand higher to see farther, know more you will get more, so the only constant by himself, so that he can have a strong body like a giant, as Affandi has the extraordinary wisdom, can let oneself in an invincible position.

Because young, so will the impulse, because young, so will be a loss, but because the young, so just know more. God had gifted me with a young heart, I should make it more dynamic, more passionate, more light. Young no limit....

Heaven in the great man also, we must first suffer the mind, workers of their bones, doctorate in business administration their body skin hunger, depletion.